‘boiida’ is a textile lifestyle brand launch in 2018.

We wish our products could add your happiness, a pleasant day to spend and a long life for valuable consumption. This quality based products are designed one by one starting from the tread. It has a little wish that wants to make users feel a little joy in everyday life rather than a great ambition such as making your life better. Based on my weaving knowledge and color study, the products are produced in a great-known Swedish traditional manufacturer Klässbols.


100% certified European Linen
The linen is growing by the farmers in both France and Belgium, and Klässbols spin them and send to Italy to dye the yarn. All is done by environmental protection (GOTS).

– Durability / The strongest fiber in nature
– Anti-microbial / Bacterial propagation 0%. No smell
– Absorption / absorbs water on the surface with a slight touch and absorbs much faster than cotton fiber
– Drying time / Drying time of linen is shorter than cotton fiber.
– Insecticide
– Longer lifespan / 8 to 10 times as many as cotton, Smoother as usig it, and better touch feeling to the skin
– Portability / Small in volume and easy to carry around.
– Eco / Nature-friendly fiber, less water when growing crops and not using pesticides

‘boiida’ uses the finest linen fibers currently produced.


Linen table mat and linen tea towel / manufactured by Klässbols

Klässbols is one of the best quality driven weaving mill in Sweden established in 1920’s still running well by 3rd and 4th Generation together, the quality is the most important value for the company. In Sweden, manufacturers who supply to the royal family are very precious. “Purveyor to His Majesty” is like a 1,000-year-old quality certificate recognized by the country and the royal family which Klässbols is certificated. Klässbols is an internationally recognized weaving mill not only in Sweden. Sweden’s Nobel Dinner, which attracts the attention of the world, is magnificent at Blue Hall in Stockholm’s city hall. This dinner table, which is held annually since 1930, there are many elements catching attention not only for its secretly prepared menu but also for plating on the table. The textile products that are placed on that grand dinner which invites 1300 people are products of Klässbols which is representative manufacturer of Sweden. ‘boiida’ has been working hard with Klässbol to produce quality products that are both traditional and nationally guaranteed.

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